Blue Sky Flight Training provides training for pilot licenses, ratings, and endorsements.  Instruction is tailored to meet the needs of the individual and their time schedule as much as possible.  Training can be provided 7 days a week at various times of the day and night.  Call to discuss your specific needs.

Private Pilot
Commercial Pilot
Airline Transport Pilot

Instrument Rating
Multi-Engine Rating

(Biennial Flight Review) - part 61.56

(Instrument Proficiency Check) - part 61.57 (d)

Complex Airplane - part 61.31 (e)
High Performance Airplane - part 61.31 (f)
High Altitude / Pressurized Aircraft - part 61.31 (g)
Tailwheel Airplane - part 61.31 (i)

CFI (Instructional) rates

$35 per hour for basic (student pilot working toward private pilot)

$40 per hour for advance (all other ratings and endorsements other than private)

$42 per hour for instruction in owner owned aircraft.

$50 per hour for all multi-engine training. (In your own aircraft)
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