We provide flight instruction or you can rent our aircraft at your leisure

*We offer Discovery Flights for $110.00
During a discovery flight, the flight instructor guides you to control the aircraft even if you have no experience

Blue Sky Flight Training, LLC.  2820 Bobmeyer Road | Hamilton, OH  45015      Phone  (513) 895-2583    E-mail  blueskyft@yahoo.com
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We also have a Redbird TD2 Flight Simulator that can be used for
IFR Training and IFR Proficiency

The Runway at Butler County Airport will be close from June 3rd to July 13th.

We will move our planes to Lebanon/Warren County Airport (I68) during that time.

The planes will still be able to rent and the schedule will still be utilized. 

Please call for instructions on how to access the planes.

(513) 895-2583